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Some coverage of this blog and our method.

Five tips for students on the coronavirus pandemic — news literacy lessons
March 19, 2020
The Washington Post
By Valerie Strauss

Resource“Sifting Through the Coronavirus Pandemic,” an information literacy hub created by Mike Caulfield, a digital literacy expert at Washington State University.

Coronavirus Resources: Teaching, learning and Thinking Critically
March 11, 2020 (updated March 20)
The New York Times
By Katherine Schulten

The Infodemic Blog (authored by Mike Caulfield): This site teaches a four-step process to use with coronavirus-related information that will show you “the skills that will make a dramatic difference in your ability to sort fact from fiction on the web (and everything in between).

Students Fall for Misinformation Online. Is Teaching Them to Read Like Fact Checkers the Solution? (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Ctrl-F: Helping make networks more resilient against misinformation can be as simple as two fingers (NiemanLab)


Mike Caulfield is a digital information literacy expert working at Washington State University Vancouver. He has worked with various organizations on digital literacy initiatives to combat misinformation, including AASCU’s American Democracy Project, the National Writing Project, and CIVIX Canada. He is a winner of the Rita Allen Misinformation Solutions Prize, and the author of the award-winning textbook Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers. His approach to digital critical consumption, often referred to as the “four moves”, is popular among those teaching first-year college students how to evaluate and contextualize information sources. His work has been covered by NPR, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and The Times (of London).

Creation of this site was supported in part by the National Writing Project, in partnership with Washington State University Vancouver.

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