Shareable: Check the Date

Start by taking a screenshot of what you found when you hovered (or clicked through to the profile). We supplied an example below, but replace the first image with your own screenshot.

You can use the other GIFs and text afterwards verbatim if you want, or modify them to make your point. In most cases you might want to choose the most relevant subset. Make sure you right-click and download the GIFs. If you copy and paste them the animation won’t run.

Not sure if you realize this, but the source you’re linking to is quite old and talking about something else entirely? Not related to current situation, and not breaking news. It’s from 6 years ago!

This is a different example, but usually before I share something I’ll click through and check the date. Sometimes a different date can change the meaning a lot.

And sometimes it’s easiest to just go and get the latest news rather than verify what comes to you. Not necessarily breaking news, which can be unreliable, but for something like a current number get something recent.