Shareable: Just Add Wikipedia

Start by taking a screenshot of what you found when you hovered (or clicked through to the profile). We supplied an example below, but replace the first image with your own screenshot.

You can use the other GIFs and text afterwards verbatim if you want, or modify them to make your point. In most cases you might want to choose the most relevant subset. Make sure you right-click and download the GIFs. If you copy and paste them the animation won’t run.

Hey, I noticed you shared a story from ____. As you can see from their Wikipedia page, this source has some issues.

In the future, you can do a quick Wikipedia search before you share. Throw the URL into a search box, type a space, then “wikipedia”. Here I do it with a different source, but the process is the same.

When you do the search, the Wikipedia page should float near the top. Click into the page. Ask yourself, is this the sort of source I thought it was? In this example, we find the site is associated with conspiracy theories. Not what we want!

Sometimes the absence from Wikipedia is a sign. National news sources usually have a page in Wikipedia. This might be an OK source, but it’s not the national news source we initially thought.

That doesn’t mean the story is wrong, or even that the site is wrong most of the time. But it’s enough that you probably want to try to find the story from a better source. In this case we find the original story on the BBC, a reliable source, and share that.

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